Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here comes the sun do-en-do-do...

Life has been moving at warp speed lately...but all good. As I said before I am loving my new job as Preschool Director. This was the last week of classes and tonight we have a program and carnival. Lots of fun. Unbelievably it is all set up and I have time alone at home while baby girl Ella (3) is taking a nap. Again, unbelievable! I really expected to be there all day and night getting ready and cleaning up. Now all that is left is closing up shop next week. Then bring on Summer!

The kids are all finished with their classes! WooHoo! Again just a little housekeeping in that department and then it is a free Summer of sun and fun! I am looking forward to:
*Days at the pool - my in-laws
*Picnics at the park - watching the kids play on toys
*Trips to the water park - Pendelton
*Reading a book or two - any ideas? I am looking for fluff
*Summer Bible Study
*Catching up with friends - I feel very disconnected from my friends lately
*Vacation, camps, and mission trips (I think I am only going on vacation though)
*Grilling dinners
*Tomatoes from the garden
*Ice Tea
*Outdoor movies at Smoovies
*Preparing for the next school year at preschool and at home
Ahhh...I love SUMMER!


Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to summer as well! I'll still be at work though...but am super excited about summer bible study.

Do you prefer the Pendleton water park over the Hermiston one?

Jill said...

We have never been to the Hermiston park. Thanks for the great idea, one more thing on the list!

Wendi said...

I love the list. I need a vacation again so bad. We are looking for a cabin to stay in. It might have to be late in the summer though...bummer.

Danni said... I miss Smoovies!! Great list...sounds much like mine!