Monday, January 7, 2008

Large families

I was over at Raising Five with Katherine and she had some great thoughts on raising a large family. I went from there to Family Life with Dennis Rainey to read an article that she linked to. It echoed her thoughts which by the way are mine. God has brought us on two very different journeys to parenthood but we both agree that raising lots of kids together have lots of blessings for both parents and children.

Dennis Rainey says 'One word that pretty well describes a family with six kids is “chaos.” Those of you who are accustomed to order, neatness, and control have to learn flexibility and get used to not having all your ducks in a row. What comes out of chaos for you as an individual is sacrifice.

The major lesson that Barbara and I have learned is to submit ourselves to the Lord and die to our own personal agendas. We had to die to some of our own dreams and desires. However, when I look back on what we’ve had to sacrifice compared to what we’ve experienced, what we gave up was petty and worthless.

I think our culture has its course set on the wrong star. We try to find life in fulfilling our desires, but Jesus said that whoever saves his life will lose it. Whoever loses his life for Christ’s sake will find it. If you die to self you will live. What we have experienced in having six kids is, admittedly, a lot of death to self. But in the process of dying to self, we have found Jesus Christ to be sufficient.

Oh yes, God has given this many children to chip away at all that is not Him in me. Apparently there is a lot that is not Him to take so many kids to chip it all away!


Lori said...

I love your large, beautiful family.

(you make me feel small)

Ginger said...

It's encouraging to me that God can have so many different designs for people! Those who have small families don't have to feel like they could have done better...and those with large families know that God doesn't look down on them even when society might.

Oh, yes, my friend in MT would consider your family small (she has 12 children!).

Ginger :)

tricia said...

Thanks for this too! I must admit to feeling very overwhelmed at times to what I consider a large family with four kids. Chaos does seem to echo in my thoughts. It is only with the Lord that I can make it through each day peacefully. And when I don't I know it's me to blame. Thankfully, my kids are very forgiving and love me unconditionally. In fact, they are great examples to me!